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Quitting Corporate and Becoming an Entrepreneur; Meet Sai Vardhan Goud

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Sai Vardhan Goud

After completing his studies, Sai Vardhan Goud worked for a company in Bengaluru, earning a salary of Rs 22,000. However, he was not satisfied with the job. 

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Quitting corporate job

He left his job and returned to his village, Thotapalli. He decided to focus on organic farming instead. 

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Exciting adventures

In 2021, he started Farm Org Foods with just Rs 5,000. He began selling organic mangoes through Instagram and Facebook. 

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Expanding business

When he made profits by a small margin, he decided to expand his mother’s pickle business.

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Going organic

He earned the trust of people on social media by educating them about organic products. 

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Farm Org Foods

Today, his brand Farm Org Foods receives orders for pickles from America and Britain. 

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He has provided employment to 20 women from his village. His venture currently makes Rs 5 lakh per month.

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