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Man quit govt job to sell donkey milk; earns Rs. 3 lakh per month

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Meet Dhiren Solanki

Dhiren Solanki is a livestock farmer from Gujarat who runs a livestock farm and sells donkey milk. Currently, he earns over Rs 3 lakh per month from his business. 

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Dreams of government job

Young Dhiren always dreamed of becoming a gov teacher. In 2020, he took several gov exams, but due to a lack of vacancies, he did not get any response, which demotivated him.

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New beginnings

Dhiren told The Better India that in 2021, his father read about donkey farms in Karnataka. He realized that donkey milk is not popular in India but is in high demand abroad. 

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Starting a farm

Dhiren took a Rs 40 lakh loan and started his TDM donkey farm. At first, he faced several setbacks, one was understanding how to turn milk into powder to transport abroad. 

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After figuring out the right companies to work with, donkey milk demand rose during the pandemic for producing immunity-boosting tablets, cosmetics, and others. 

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Dhiren disclosed that 17 liters of donkey milk makes 1 kg of powder. Which is then sold for Rs 63,000 per kg in the market overseas. 1L donkey milk sells for over Rs 5000. 

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