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Coaching or Self-Study? IAS Srushti Deshmukh shares UPSC study tips

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Are you preparing for UPSC CSE?

If you are facing the dilemma of continuing with self-study or joining a coaching institute, IAS Srushti Deshmukh has some tips to share. 

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How to prepare for UPSC?

In one of her blog posts, IAS Srushti Deshmukh mentioned that the study approach followed in coaching doesn’t matter.

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UPSC preparation

UPSC preparation requires your effort and dedication. She further adds that solving previous years’ question papers is extremely important.

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Syllabus and exam pattern

According to IAS Srushti, aspirants must understand the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly. This helps with preparing a study strategy. 

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Furthermore, she advises dedicating 30-60 minutes daily to solving previous years’ question papers. 

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Understanding the question papers

Analyzing the question papers helps you understand the pattern of questions that appear in the exam. It can also help you assess your weak and strong areas. 

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Important topics

IAS Srushti Deshmukh shares that aspirants should note down the topics and questions that appear frequently in the exams to focus on these topics with priority.

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