The Make-Up Game: What are the top-selling cosmetics in India?

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Cosmetics trends

According to a report by the Economic Times, the majority of makeup products in India are sold in Eastern regions.

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As per the report, in Kolkata last year, cosmetic products like lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes, and other beauty products collectively generated significant sales.

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The sales

Citing global consumer research firm Kantar, the report suggests that over 186 million cosmetic items were purchased across 10 major cities in India. 

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Cosmetic products

Reportedly, women in eastern regions have a preference for darker shades. They spend the most on these beauty products compared to other regions. 

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Beauty products for lips

According to the report, cosmetics for lips are the bestselling beauty products. Around 65 million units are sold annually, generating a revenue of Rs 1700 crore. 

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The report suggests that cosmetics designed for face and lips generated approximately Rs 2900 crore, accounting for about 70 percent of the total value of the industry. 

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Nail cosmetics

Annually, 47 million units of nail cosmetics are sold, amounting to a revenue of Rs 350 crore.

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