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Baby Reindeer: Can the 'Real Martha' challenge Netflix in court?

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Richard Gadd's true story

Netflix's series 'Baby Reindeer' has shaken up the whole online world, and people cannot get enough of it. It starts with the phrase 'This is a true story'. 

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Real Martha

Since the release, people online have figured out who the 'Real Martha' is, and the woman, Fiona Harvey, who claims to be the real stalker, is planning to sue Netflix and Gadd. 

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Gadd's depiction

Gadd has written and starred in the show. He plays a fictionalized version of himself. He openly talked about giving his stalker a different name the show for privacy purposes. 

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Fiona Harvey

Martha in the show is a plus-sized brunette with a strong Scottish accent and is a lawyer. After some digging, the internet detectives found the same woman with the same features. 

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Pier's Morgan interview

During the interview, Fiona declined all the claims of stalking Gadd and revealed her plans to sue him. However, as per experts, she outed herself and thus cannot sue anyone. 

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