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The Ultimate Health Benefits of Green Banana

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Promote Weight Loss

Green bananas, as previously established, are high in dietary fiber. While fiber takes the longest to digest, it promotes feelings of fullness and contentment.

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Good For Diabetics

Bananas are generally low in sugar content. The glycemic index of green bananas ranges between 30 and 50. 

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Helps to keep Hair Healthy

Green bananas are high in vitamins C and B6, which can be quite beneficial to your hair. 

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Prevent Diarrhoea

Diarrhea is typically caused by a virus or bacteria. Green bananas are both antibacterial and antifungal.

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Improves Metabolism

Green bananas are high in critical nutrients and minerals, which boost metabolism by supplying the body with a diverse carbohydrate base.

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Help In Digestion

Green bananas are excellent for digestion since they contain a high level of resistant starch.

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Regulate Blood Pressure

Green and unripe bananas have high levels of potassium. It is a crucial mineral that the body need for blood purification.

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