International Tea Day 2024: Avoid these 5 food items with tea

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Garlic and Onion

Avoid eating pungent food items like garlic and onion with the tea, as it can interfere with the delectable taste and aroma of the tea. 

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Don't pair citrus fruits with tea, as the high acidity of the fruits can interact with the tannins in the tea, resulting in a bitter taste. 

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Spicy food

Experts believe that clashing tea with extremely spicy foods can reduce flavor. It can also cause digestive issues when combined with the tannins of the tea. 

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Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, can overshadow the delicate notes of the tea and might not be a very great-tasting flavor. 

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Avoid pairing alcohol with tea, as these flavors can clash and change the flavor profile of both beverages. 

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