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La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina is an annual food festival held in Bunol, Spain. Participants throw tomatoes at one other for the sheer thrill of it. 


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Giant Omelette Celebration, France

Annually, Bessières village in southwestern France hosts the Giant Omelet Celebration, uniting locals and visitors to savor a massive omelet made with approximately 15,000 eggs.


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Pizzafest, Italy

Pizzafest, held annually in Naples, has attracted visitors from all over the world since 1995. For one week, customers can eat limitless pizza from more than 100 different vendors. 


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Battle of the Oranges, Italy

The Battle of the Oranges is a yearly event in Ivrea, Italy, honoring a 13th-century battle with a colossal food fight, with locals hurling oranges at one another.


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Salon du Chocolat, France

Salon du Chocolat, an annual event in Paris since 1996, celebrates chocolate in various forms, drawing top chocolatiers worldwide to exhibit their latest creations.


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Taste of Chicago, Illinois

Taste of Chicago, an annual event in Illinois, showcases diverse local cuisine, accompanied by live music and entertainment, drawing over two million attendees annually.


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Bibimbap Festival, South Korea

This yearly festival honors the meal bibimbap, which is a rice and vegetable bowl that may be loaded with a variety of tasty toppings. 

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