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7 Japanese Customs We All Learned from Watching Anime

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Ojigi (Bowing)

Bowing in Japanese culture is seen as a sign of respect and apology.

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Sado (Tea ceremony)

Tea ceremonies are an integral part of Japanese culture. This ritual signifies harmony.

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Hanami (Cherry blossom viewing)

Cherry blossom viewing celebrates the arrival of spring. The scenes in anime look absolutely stunning. 

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Onsen (Hot spring baths)

Hot spring baths are a part of Japanese culture. It is like a social activity where you can relax in the baths and rejuvenate.

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Kimonos and Yukatas (Traditional Japanese wear)

Kimonos and Yukatas are traditional wear of Japan. Anime characters are often seen attending festivals wearing these dresses. 

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Omiyage (Souvenir)

When someone visits a new place, it’s a custom in Japan that they must bring back gifts for their friends and colleagues. It is seen as a token of appreciation & hospitality.

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Genkan (Shoes at the door)

It is a custom in Japan that one must remove their outside shoes before entering the house. Even at school, students change their shoes, as we have seen in anime.

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