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  • May day

    India1, May 2019, 3:11 PM

    As far-Left Venezuela burns on May Day, is communism’s Kerala collapse far away?

    Many wonder if Kerala, the only state where Communists rule now, the next? The Leftist regime is marked with political violence, religious interference, and ideologies that are forced down through a compromised education system.

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    World1, May 2019, 12:52 PM

    Socialist Maduro challenged in Venezuela; US backs Guaido, rebel soldiers

    Even as Nicolas Maduro presided over a catastrophic economic situation caused by years of communism, which caused this quasi coup, the United States said the President of Venezuela could seek asylum in ally Cuba whom Donald Trump warned against support to Venezuela. This, even as the rebellion led by opposition's Juan Guaido and supported by a faction of the Venezuelan Army ended in a whimper!

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    News4, Feb 2019, 3:03 PM

    American forces may invade Venezuela, Donald Trump indicates

    US military intervention in Venezuela seems to be on the cards as Donald Trump said that it was “an option.” Socialist leader Nicolas Maduro has refused to let aid into Venezuela and has turned down meetings with the US President.