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    India UntoldJan 25, 2020, 9:40 AM IST

    The Man Who Setup Our Extraordinary Electoral System

    One of the biggest tasks post India’s independence was setting up a functional system that would enable common citizens to elect leaders for a true ‘Lok Sabha’. During that time, one person who was instrumental in setting up our country’s electoral system as it is today was Sukumar Sen. Let’s find about more about this civil servant and how the electoral system was setup in this episode of India Untold with Sunita Iyer.

  • బీజేపీ కాశ్మీర్ నుంచి కన్యాకుమారి వరకు హిందుత్వ సిద్ధాంతాలతో మత ప్రాతిపదికన మనుషులను ఏకం చేసే పనిలో నిమగ్నమయి ఉంది. తెలంగాణలో కూడా తమ జెండా పాతేందుకు బీజేపీ తీవ్రస్థాయిలో కృషి చేస్తున్న విషయం మనందరికీ తెలిసిందే. ఈ తరుణంలోనే మతమనేదొక్కటే ప్రాతిపదిక కాదు, పరిపాలనా దక్షత, మానవత్వం, నైతికత అనేవి చాలా అవసరం అనే సందేశం శంకరాభరణం సినిమాలో ఉంది.

    IndiaAug 23, 2019, 8:49 AM IST

    West Bengal: BJP to counter TMC’s ‘Didi ke Bolo’ with ‘Cha Chakra’

    TMC’s mass outreach programme titled ‘Didi ke Bolo’ will be countered by the BJP in West Bengal with the programme ‘Cha Chakra’. The programme aims at bringing together people over a cup of tea

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    IndiaAug 12, 2019, 10:31 AM IST

    Zomato employees stage protests over having to deliver beef, pork

    Zomato delivery agents staged protests in Kolkata stating that they were “uncomfortable” handling food with beef. Muslim delivery agents stated that they did not want to deliver food containing pork.


  • বৃষ্টি চলবে কলকাতায়। ছবি- গেটি ইমেজেস

    IndiaAug 8, 2019, 1:47 PM IST

    Rain affects normal life in Kolkata: South 24 Parganas receives heavy rainfall

    Though there were less number of public transports, some parts of the metropolis witnessed traffic snarls causing inconvenience to commuters.