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    Village Ki Chhori11, Feb 2020, 8:14 PM IST

    Now All PM-KISAN Beneficiaries Can Avail "Kisan Credit Card"

    To enable universal access to Concessional Institutional credit, the Government of India has initiated a drive in Mission Mode for saturating all PM-KISAN beneficiaries with Kisan Credit Card (KCC). This will help all such farmers to get short term loans for crop & animal/fish rearing at a maximum interest of 4% on timely repayment.

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    Village Ki Chhori11, Feb 2020, 5:59 PM IST

    Government Launches Scholarship Schemes for Indian Students Travelling Abroad for Higher Studies

    The government of India is implementing schemes for scholarship/grant for Indian students traveling abroad for higher studies like National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Caste Students, Overseas Doctoral Fellowship Programme, National Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students.

  • Modi Government Launches New Pension Schemes for 42 Crore Unorganised Workers

    Decoding The Economy6, Feb 2020, 7:31 PM IST

    Government of India Launches New Pension Schemes for 42 Crore Unorganised Workers

    Government of India has introduced two voluntary and Contributory Pension Schemes, Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maan-dhan Yojna, (PM-SYM), a pension scheme for the Unorganised Workers and National Pension Scheme for the Traders and Self Employed Persons (NPS-Traders)

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    Village Ki Chhori4, Feb 2020, 7:20 PM IST

    Government of India Takes Various Initiatives to Popularise Kabaddi

    The Government of India Takes Various Initiatives to Popularise Kabaddi. The sports facilities of Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior and Guwahati have been made available free of cost for sports including Kabaddi for organizing training programmes and sporting events.

  • bodo agreement

    Village Ki Chhori28, Jan 2020, 6:46 PM IST

    Bodo Agreement Adds To Modi Government's Vision of "Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikas, Sab ka Vishwas"

    Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah presided over the signing of historic agreement between Government of India, Government of Assam and Bodo representatives, in New Delhi on 28th January 2020. Further, a permanent solution has been found out for the problem that has cost the region over 4000 lives. 

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    India Untold27, Jan 2020, 5:31 PM IST

    Late Abdul Jabbar's 30-Year-Long Fight For Justice For Bhopal Gas Tragedy Victims

    The night of December 2nd, 1984, will remain etched in our country’s memory. On that horrific night, deadly methyl isocyanate gas leaked from the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal, claiming over 20,000 lives and leaving lakhs severely disabled. Abdul Jabbar, who was 28 then, lost his mother, father, brother and himself suffered lung fibrosis and lost 50% of his vision. On November 14, 2019, he passed away after fighting for justice for the victims and survivors for close to 3 decades. With the government of India awarding this Bhopal gas tragedy activist the Padma Shri posthumously, let’s take a look at his lesser-known story in this episode of India Untold with Sunita Iyer.

  • 2- हेमंत विश्वा शर्मा: 2014 में हेमंत विश्वा शर्मा कांग्रेस पार्टी के नेता थे। वे नॉर्थ ईस्ट के बड़े चेहरे थे, उस वक्त कांग्रेस के पास सात राज्यों में से पांच में सत्ता थी। वहीं, भाजपा के पास नॉर्थ ईस्ट का एक भी राज्य नहीं था। एक साल बाद हेमंत ने कांग्रेस छोड़ दी। उन्होंने भाजपा के नेतृत्व वाले पूर्वोत्तर लोकतांत्रिक गठबंधन के अध्यक्ष के रूप में पदभार संभाला और क्षेत्र में राज्यों के लिए पार्टी की रणनीति तैयार की। 2018 दिसंबर तक उन्होंने सातों राज्यों में पार्टी की पकड़ मजबूत करने में काफी अहम रोल निभाया। 2019 में उन्हें भाजपा ने लोकसभा का टिकट नहीं दिया, पार्टी चाहती थी कि वे सातों राज्यों में प्रचार करें। भाजपा ने 7 राज्यों में 25 सीटें जीतीं, यहां भाजपा को 2014 में सिर्फ 8 सीटें मिली थीं।

    India31, Dec 2019, 6:23 PM IST

    Government of India unveils Rs 102 lakh crore infrastructure projects for next 5 years

    Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveiled Rs 102 lakh crore of infrastructure projects to be implemented in the next five years

  • दस सरकारी बैंकों का विलय: मोदी सरकार ने बैंकिंग सुविधा में सुधार के लिए 30 अगस्त 2019 को दस सरकारी बैंकों के विलय से चार बड़े बैंक बनाने का फैसला किया। 2017 में 27 सरकारी बैंक थे, अब छह महीने की पूरी प्रक्रिया के बाद ये 12 रह जाएंगे।

    India25, Dec 2019, 12:30 PM IST

    Pakistan native gets Indian citizenship after 36 years, all thanks to Modi government

    Amidst protests over the CAA and NRC, here’s some good news for Khatija Parveen, a woman hailing from Pakistan who has been granted Indian Citizenship by the Government of India.  Khatija Praveen, along with her husband, expressed happiness and gratitude on receiving the certificate of registration from the Government.

  • Govt launches National Broadband Mission, Aims To Provide Broadband Access to All Villages by 2022

    Politics18, Dec 2019, 6:43 PM IST

    Govt launches National Broadband Mission, Aims To Provide Broadband Access to All Villages by 2022

    The Minister for Communications, Law & Justice and Electronics and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad has said that the National Broadband Mission is to fulfill all aspirations of the people and enables fast track growth of digital communication infrastructure. He was addressing the gathering after launching the National Broadband Mission (NBM) at an event on 17th december. A large number of representatives from the telecom industry, officers from various Ministries of the Government of India, various State Governments and senior officers of the Department of Telecommunications participated in the event.

  • President said in the conference of governors, the role of governors is important in the constitutional system

    India26, Nov 2019, 2:56 PM IST

    President Kovind on Constitution Day: Rights, duties are two sides of same coin

    President Ram Nath Kovind said it was in 2015, the 125th birth anniversary year of Bhimrao Ambedkar that the central government of India decided to celebrate November 26, as 'Constitution Day' every year

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    India25, Nov 2019, 9:41 PM IST

    Deep Dive with Abhinav Khare: Hinduphobia –AAP MLA Rajendra Pal Gautam’s anti-Hindu tweet

    Abhinav Khare deep dives into the tweet by Aam Admi Party MLA Rajendra Pal Gautam, which sought to add to the Hinduphobia that left-leaning governments and parties have been trying to maintain

  • PM Modi addressed to the people on the occasion of birth anniversary of sardar patel

    India5, Nov 2019, 12:34 PM IST

    PM Modi to inaugurate 5th India International Science Festival at 4 pm today

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the fifth India International Science Festival. PM Modi will also address a gathering in Kolkata through video conferencing. The India International Science Festival (IISF) 2019 is an annual event organised jointly by the science and technology-related ministries and Departments of the Government of India and Vijnana Bharati (Vibha). 

  • Kashmir explainer

    India26, Sep 2019, 6:55 PM IST

    Abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A: Bringing J&K on the track of development

    Be it restoring communication lines fully or bringing in investments to the state, youths of J&K want the government of India to fulfil all the promises it made during the abrogation of the Articles 370 and 35A

  • Ravindra Jadeja

    Cricket30, Aug 2019, 12:45 PM IST

    India vs West Indies: Ahead of 2nd Test, Ravindra Jadeja sends video message, thanks Modi government

    'First of all, I would like to thank the Government of India for honouring me with the Arjuna award. I would also like to congratulate the other winners as well. They've performed brilliantly in their fields,' Ravindra Jadeja said in a video message posted on the BCCI's Twitter handle

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    India14, Aug 2019, 10:19 AM IST

    UN General Assembly president condoles loss of lives due to floods in India

     Maria Fernanda Espinosa said she has "sent her condolences to the people and the Government of India after the monsoon floods in the southern and western parts of the country, which led to over 140 deaths, and hundreds of thousands of people being evacuated"