BJP MLA Alka Rai, wife of late Krishnand Rai has expressed her joy over the killing of gangster Munna Bajrangi. Munna Bajrangi was the main accused in the murder of Krishnanand Rai. She said that I came to know about this incident on TV. It was a pleasure to hear news of the death of my husband's murderer. God always ensures justice.

Alka Rai said that many women were widowed because of acts of criminals like Munna. These hooligans roam free on the streets. She said, she’s not afraid of them. Although, the safety of children has been a concern.

In November 2005, BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai was killed along with his six companions. He was murdered at the behest of mafia don and MLA, Mukhtar Ansari.

The murder was carried out when Krishnanand Rai was returning home after inaugurating a cricket tournament held in Siadi village. At the same time, the gang of criminals suddenly attacked and opened gunfire. The attackers had fired more than 400 bullets from AK-47. The perpetrators knew that Krishnanand wasn’t in his bullet-proof car.

States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were stirred after the murder of Krishnanand Rai. For a week, protests went on against his killing in areas like Ghazipur, Azamgarh, and Varanasi. The movement was led by Rajnath Singh.