Mann ki Baat @53: Will return to power as I have your blessings, says PM Modi

Mann ki Baat @53: PM Modi starts radio programme by extending condolence to Pulwama martyrs

11:43 AM IST

PM's last message before Lok Sabha elections

The Prime Minister ended his address by saying that today's Mann Ki Baat will be his last radio broadcast before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He said that he will return with the programme after the elections. 

“To honour and respect the healthy democratic practice, my next Mann Ki Baat address will be on the last Sunday of May," he added. 

He also said that he is confident that he will return for the next tenure as he has the blessings of the people of te country.

11:31 AM IST

Abdul Ghafoor Khatri and Madurai Chinna Pillai

Modi also mentioned Abdul Ghafoor Khatri of Gujarat, who revived the traditional Rogan painting form of Kutch, and  Madurai Chinna Pillai, who empowered downtrodden by initiating community-based micro-financing.

11:30 AM IST

Modi praised Shabbir Sayyed

Modi also praised Shabbir Sayyed of Marathwada, who relentlessly worked for the wellbeing of cows. 

“Among recipients of Padma award, Shabbir Sayyed of Marathwada is known as the servant of Gau-Mata. The manner he has spent his entire life in the service of Gau-mata, is unique in itself,” he added. 

11:29 AM IST

"I am happy for the farmers"

PM Modi also informed his listeners that 12 farmers have been honoured with the Padma awards this year. he expressed immense joy for their achievements. 

11:27 AM IST

Modi salutes Daitari Nayak

The Prime Minister also narrated the story about Odisha's Daitari Nayak. His village was facing irrigation problems and he carved through a mountain to build a 3 kilometers long canal, he said. 

11:26 AM IST

Modi praises country's children

Praising the son of Vijay Soren from Jharkhand, PM Modi said that the boy said he too will join the army like his father. He also said that such feeling are not only widespread in the families of the martyrs but also represent the emotion of the country’s children. 

11:21 AM IST

"Indian Army has resolved to wipe out terrorism"

Modi also said that the sacrifice of the soldiers in the Pulwama attack will not go in vain. He reminded his countrymen how, within 100 hours of the terror attack, punitive actions were taken. 

The Indian Army has resolved to wipe out terrorism from the country. 

11:14 AM IST

Modi's message to the youth

The Prime Minister urged the country's youth to take inspiration from the martyrs of Pulwama attack. He said that to understand patriotism, we do not need text book lessons. 

He also said that the sacrifice that the families of the slain soldiers made will inspire us to uproot the very base of terrorism.  

11:10 AM IST

National War Memorial

PM Modi says that he is glad that the National War Memorial is ready in such a short time.  He said the that memorial will be dedicated to the country’s people on February 25. 

11:00 AM IST

Modi's tribute to Pulwama heroes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started the 53rd episode of the monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat with extending condolences to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack. 

The Prime Minister, from his Twitter handle, let out the information about his 53rd 'Mann Ki Baat' talk, which will be very significant. PM Modi further wrote that no one should tell him that he didn't say about the talk earlier and along with this, he also posted smilies.