Mumbai: The NCP and MNS compared Maharashtra BJP legislator Ram Kadam to the villainous character, Ravan, for expressing to youngsters that he would "kidnap" a girl they like even if she was to reject the proposal from her end. 

The Ghatkopar MLA has expressed regret over his remarks that he had made at a 'dahi handi' event at his assembly constituency on Monday night.

The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena put up posters depicting Kadam as Ravan outside Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis' residence and in Ghatkopar.

"The 'dashing' MLA, who proclaims himself to be compassionate, will abduct daughters. If he or his men do so, file a police complaint and also let us know. We will help you safeguard your daughters," the Raj Thackeray-led party said in the posters.

Nationalist Congress Party spokesperson Nawab Malik said the BJP's "Ravan-like" face is out and its legislator will be called "Ravan Kadam" till he apologises.

"Expressing regret and apologising are very different things. The NCP will keep protesting against him and call him 'Ravan Kadam' till he apologises. State-wide protests will be held against him till he apologises," the opposition leader said.

Kadam, who was heard making the comments in a video clip, has in his defence said that his remarks were distorted.

"I only repeated a sentence made by one of the persons standing in the crowd. It was not my sentence. The clip, which has gone viral, is only of 40 seconds. However, later I had said mothers, sisters and daughters in all households are Lakshmi who need to be respected," he said late Tuesday.

"Yet, if I have hurt sentiments, I express regret," the MLA said.