Skygazers in Delhi might face some problem watching the longest Lunar eclipse of this century because of heavy rains and cloudy skies. Nehru Planetarium has arranged telescopes for one to watch the rare occurrence. Here are 10 facts about the 'blood moon' eclipse which makes it even more special: 

The moon will be blood red for nearly 2 hours on Friday night

People residing in New Delhi should look to the sky at 1 AM on Saturday, 28 July to witness the rare celestial event. It will end at 2:43 AM.

Around 3:49 AM, the partial eclipse will start again. At 4:58 AM, the penumbral eclipse will end. 

This eclipse will also coincide with Mars on the same day, making it Mars’ closest approach to Earth in 15 years.

The total duration of the eclipse will be six hours and 14 minutes.

It is the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century, a full 103 minutes.

This is the longest eclipse because the Earth will be at its farthest distance from the Sun, and the Moon will also be at its greatest distance from the Earth.

The next eclipse this long will not happen until 2123.

This eclipse will be visible from every continent on earth except North America.

Eclipse will appear in Africa, Central Asia, North America, South America, Western Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Antarctica

Astrological implications

Curious to know implications of this lunar eclipse on your horoscope?

This Lunar eclipse will occur in Aquarius. It means you may feel strong emotional reactions and need to take care of your feelings. 

Signs like Taurus, Scorpio and Leo are likely to feel a bit more uneasy than others. People who have fixed signs are generally proud and adamant which might land these horoscopes in trouble. Don't panic, as whatever happens, it will most likely be for the best.