Thiruvananthapuram: Heavy rains and landslide claim 20 lives in Kerala. Eleven people were killed in landslides in Idukki, six in Malappuram, two in Kannur and one in Wayanad district. Three persons are missing - one each from Wayanad, Palakkad and Kozhikode districts.

Due to heavy rains and floods in Kerala, the National Disaster Response Force has moved to Kozhikode district. Two teams from the Centre are requested to take care of North Kerala. Educational institutions have declared a holiday in Idukki, Kollam and some other districts in Kerala today (9 August).

Almost all roads that connect to Wayanad district have been damaged due to incessant rains. 

This is the first time Kerala is facing such heavy downpour. After 26 years, Idukki dam has opened its shutter. One shutter of the Idukki dam was also partially opened as a trial run. The opening of the dam shutters had increased the water level in Periyar. 

Four people were trapped in strong current after a boat fell upside down during rescue operations in Wayanad. The incident happened in Kaniyaampatta. This accident took place while a group reached to rescue people trapped in floods. Fire force too arrived to rescue them.