New Delhi: Politician Shashi Tharoor's love for long, deliciously confusing words is well known. And, he carries his reputation as Twitter's English teacher with pride, and if we may say so ourselves, is quite rodomontade about it. 

However, netizens seem to have chanced upon a West African presidential candidate from Cameroon, who is eerily like the Indian politician. Tharoor's Cameroonian twin shares his love for wordplay and begins his speech with, "It's appalling. The reason I have been in a compendious laconic lacuna, not a recapitulation. Cameroonians have been bamboozled, razzle-dazzle, razzmatazz politically. " 

Sounds familiar? Watch it for yourself:


Meanwhile, netizens cannot get enough of the Cameroonian Tharoor and some have already started pitting the two against each other. While others are losing hope looking at the sheer level of competition, as one user wrote: "I was preparing for IELTS - I lost all my confidence now." There have also been insinuations that the two are siblings separated at the Kumbh Mela.