Disturbed by the Intelligence Bureau reports on unauthorised meetings of senior police officials, including a DG rank official, with foreigners, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has swung into action, warning all central and State security agencies against meeting outsiders without proper sanction from diplomatic channels.

Senior government sources told My Nation that the Home Ministry has received reports from the Intelligence Bureau that certain officers met foreign delegations without informing the authorities concerned and these meetings could be very harmful to national security.

Perturbed by the growing reports of such meetings, the Home Ministry issued the letter to all security agencies including State governments and Union Territories, saying that certain organisations or agencies are invited and meet government officials especially security officials for training, shows, joint exercise etc.

In one such case, a DG level official, without informing the MHA, met a foreign delegation which had come from the United Kingdom. The official, who is heading a crucial force met two senior executives of a private company at his office but did not bother to inform his higher-ups.

A few years ago, a senior functionary of the military intelligence wing had to be sacked from his office after he met an Indian origin American without informing the Defence Ministry.

According to ministry sources, State police officers are more vulnerable as in many cases it has been found that foreign organisations met them easily and gathered information which they required by facilitating them. 

“It has come to the notice of Ministry of Home Affairs that some foreign organizations/agencies from countries of concern are extending invitations for mutual cooperation, training, joint exercise, exchange of views etc. directly without routing such requests through Ministry of Home Affairs,” the letter accessed by My Nation said.

“It has come to the notice of the government that various countries like China, Pakistan have involved middleman to deal with Indian government officers. They are also involving representatives of companies to gather information which can dent national security,” a senior government official, on the condition of anonymity said.

“While it is appreciated that law enforcement related co-operation at international level is desirable, a cautious and calibrated approach is to be adopted while dealing with foreign organizations/agencies, especially from countries of concern, in the interest of national security,” the letter reads.

The MHA has asked all states, police and security agencies not to entertain any such requests from foreign organisations and agencies from countries of concern without prior consultation with the ministry.