Along with politicians, even their cars become popular. In Karnataka, everybody knows BJP leader, BS Yeddyurappa's obsession with the number 9, including his vehicle's number plate.

The focus shifts to HD Kumaraswamy, Karnataka CM, who zips past in a black SUV (Range Rover). Many wondered why he isn't opting for the official vehicle (Fortuner). And now we have the answer.

Cut to 15 May.

As the clocked ticked 10am, Karnataka netas were tensed. The counting of votes had begun and one of those leaders, who is touted to share great rapport with intelligence officials was seated at the edge of the seat. The man, who was keenly aspiring to be the king and not the kingmaker - HD Kumaraswamy. As the wind blew towards the right, the BJP, JD(S) leader had no choice, but to seek divine intervention. It's no surprise for his elder brother HD Revanna is the master follower of astrological implications.

Sources say that HDK was quite miffed then with the intelligence officials, who had given him a hint that there were good chances of a coalition government in the state.

Kumaraswamy decided to steer through the divine route in his son, Nikhil's Range Rover. According to sources, as he neared the temple in the outskirts of Bengaluru, the direction of the wind changed. A call from one of the senior Congress leaders mooting the idea of a coalition brought back the lost smile, and the swag. He swung the car door open and immediately 'Thanked God' in the sanctum sanctorum.

Words of the intelligence officers must have kept ringing in his ears. Congress even suggested an alliance offering him the Chief Minister's post on a platter.

Sources revealed that after his pooja in the temple, HDK's son called to find out if he could collect his car. The answer is obvious. That black Range Rover of Nikhil Kumaraswamy changed the fate of HD Kumaraswamy in an instant. The black beauty became his lucky entity. And continues to be so.