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Let's Talk About Bharat: Vikramaditya

Chandragupta II, also known by his title Vikramaditya, was one of the most powerful emperors of the Gupta Empire in northern India. The Udayagiri inscription of Chandragupta's foreign minister Virasena suggests that the king had a distinguished military career. It states that he "bought the earth", paying for it with his prowess, and reduced the other kings to the status of slaves. His empire seems to have extended from the mouth of the Indus and northern Pakistan in the west to the Bengal region in the east, and from the Himalayan terai region in the north to the Narmada River in the south.


Why is a dying nation like Pakistan raking up the Ayodhya verdict

Pakistan’s education minister Shafqat Mahmood at the UNESCO meet criticised the Ayodhya verdict in India and said that it was contrary to the values of religious freedom. Just like the Kashmir issue, this too has rightly got no traction.

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Why did Supreme Court shoot down Congress’ review petition on Rafale deal?

In its verdict today, the Supreme Court gave its stamp of approval on the Rafale deal, but more importantly said that the perception of individuals cannot be the basis of a fishing and roving enquiry by the Court

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Why there is nothing un-constitutional about Governor’s decision to recommend President’s rule in Maharashtra

While President's rule has been imposed in Maharashtra, many have questioned the decision of the Governor. However, the Governor has strictly played by the rules as listed under Article 356.

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Maharashtra: BJP delivers masterstroke; Shiv Sena commits political suicide

By the end of the day, on Monday, the Shiv Sena had lost quite a bit. It was out of the NDA, lost a minister at the Centre and still did not make much progress in forming the government in Maharashtra.

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14, Nov 2019, 1:36 PM IST

DePress Room | Australia is burning and the human race is responsible

Australian officials ordered people in several communities, including a major tourist destination, to evacuate immediately on Wednesday as firefighters struggled to contain more than 150 bushfires raging across the country’s east coast.

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