Bengaluru: Elections are no longer restricted to big rallies, and netas' narratives these days are being set more and more on social media. 

India is home to 700 million smartphone users. Five hundred million citizens have access to the internet. Politicians in the 1980s and 1990s coined terms during their rallies and marched through the length and breadth of their constituencies to set the ball rolling before elections. Today, more than how many people a politician can gather at rallies, what determines his success is the strength of the narrative he sets on Twitter and Facebook. With over 30 million Twitter users across India, politicians have increasingly taken recourse to Twitter to connect with their voters, and one of the prime movers has been Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, who has over 45 million followers on Twitter.

Twitter is a concoction of political messages, data-backed stories, allegations, exposures, scandals, statements, arguments, opinions and trolling. There is one handle that stands out in this maze. Right from its sharp counters to funny political memes and digs at opponents, @BJP4Karnataka doesn’t fail to amuse the Twitterati.

This handle has been in the news for its quick jibes and deadly attacks on opponents, often leaving netizens floored. Followers of @BJP4Karnataka would be wondering who the face behind this handle is. 

Balaji Srinivas, Karnataka BJP social media head, has been spearheading the party's activity on the virtual platform. Srinivas was an Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activist before he set foot in Karnataka to drive a highly motivated team of five to seven digital marketing experts.

The team members, who once worked for international media and top multinational companies, came together to set up the highest number of WhatsApp groups that penetrated even to the booth level workers during the recent Karnataka elections.

To ensure @BJP4Karnataka leaves the highest impression on #KarnatakaElections, Srinivas managed to get it all right.

Srinivas spoke to MyNation and revealed how the entire process is operated to perfection. His team tackles rivals with sophistication laced with humour.

"We keep ourselves tuned to the pulse of the people while we tweet. Our tweets are the way we communicate with people and we tweet what a common citizen feels. It’s easy to win their love when we try to express what they feel. In short, we are tweeting the common man's thoughts, but yes, I set the narrative by discussing with my team," Srinivas said. 

"Now, with the elections nearing, we are gearing up to ensure we remain on top of political affairs both in terms of content and technology. The team that works with me is one of the best and I feel proud to be working with them. They are highly motivated and we aim to remain the best social media strategists," he added.