Let your story empower and not entertain people 

One refreshing perspective that stands strong through every line of Gadsby's show, is the rawness of her story, which she expresses that she had unfortunately not done earlier in her life. 

Do not reduce abusive experiences to a joke

Hannah Gadsby speaks extensively about how she made the mistake of often turning her torturous abusive life experiences to jokes, sidelining the point of the story. Through the episodes, she vows to herself that from that moment on, she will speak of her story as it is and not draw it down to just a humorous line.

'Gender-normal' people must sensitize themselves to the LGBT community 

The retired comedian reiterates the fact about how gender-normal people have always been bullies towards people coming out with their sexual orientations, instead of accepting them as just fellow individuals. 

Misunderstanding mental problems as artistic qualities must stop

Taking Vincent Van Gogh as a clear example, Gadsby breaks the usual assumption that the artist was 'born ahead of his time', explaining that he was simply unable to connect with people around him because of his mental instability which was looked upon as his artistic talent. 

Excluding women is and should be considered flawed 

Hannah Gadsby weaves her explanations with detailed examples. One of them being Pablo Picasso, who she thinks reeked of misogyny as all his big great ideas that were accepted by people around the world, always excluded women. 

Several celebrities, including Shah Rukh Khan and Reese Witherspoon among others, who have come out urging their fans and followers to watch the episode, Nannette, insisting that people take in the seer beauty of Hannah Gadsby's way to express her story, in the most crude way known.