Child labour is ubiquitous in India, be it at construction sites, restaurants or petty shops. It’s difficult to understand the magnitude of the effect of child labour in India.

One’s childhood is expected to be filled with happiness and learning, with less responsibilities or worries. However, the reality is that a large population of children in the country struggle to earn to sustain their livelihood.

The instances we come across daily speaks volumes about how much we care for the little ones.

To tackle the rising problem and create awareness, the UN has declared June 12 as World Day Against Child Labour. On this day, we bring you 5 short films on child-labour that aim to touch your heart and inspire you to rise against the plaguing issue.


The short-film ‘Darpan’ revolves around the life of a 12-year-old boy Bholu. Poverty makes him leave school and start working in a hotel. The movie, however, has a twist in the end.

After School

Not every child is blessed to enjoy their ‘afterschool’ life. The movie shows how the struggle of children to balance school and work, and the effect it has on their childhood.

The White Lie

A must-watch documentary that highlights the new amendment made to the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act of 1986.


The Power of Your Hands

The documentary by CRY that focuses on the realities of child labour will change your perspective on life and things around you.


Heart Touching Short Film from India

This is a two-minute short film about a child who wishes to learn and not earn. The film portrays the emotions and dreams of a young boy.