Karnataka coalition crisis: CM HD Kumaraswamy loses trust vote, 99 - 105

Karnataka coalition crisis live updates Another day another adjournment

7:41 PM IST

Karnataka coalition crisis: CM HD Kumaraswamy loses trust vote, 99 - 105

Karnataka coalition crisis: CM HD Kumaraswamy loses trust vote, 99 - 105

7:35 PM IST

Voting over, counting begins

Voting over, counting begins 

7:30 PM IST

Deputy Speaker casts vote in favour of government

Deputy Speaker casts vote in favour of government  

7:28 PM IST

How the voting is happening

Members are being asked to stand and their numbers are being counted. 

7:24 PM IST

Voting process underway

Voting process underway 

7:02 PM IST

CM HD Kumaraswamy says he has granted crores to constituencies of rebel MLAs

CM wondered as to why the rebel MLAs deserted him when he had granted crores of rupees for developmental works.  

6:37 PM IST

Karnataka Speaker Ramesh Kumar produces resignation letter kept ready in advance

Speaker Ramesh Kumar gave a resignation letter to leader of opposition BS Yeddyurappa, telling him that he had kept it ready in advance in order make use of it in case of a stalemate 

5:43 PM IST

Section 144 imposed in Bengaluru

In view of the prevailing political unrest, section 144 has been imposed in the city for two days 

5:26 PM IST

CM HD Kumaraswamy addresses the house before vote

Just 40 minutes ahead of trust vote, CM HD Kumaraswamy addresses the House

5:10 PM IST

Two independents hiding at apartments in Bengaluru?

Two independents Nagesh and Shankar are believed to be hiding at apartments, near Race Course Road, Bengaluru. Karyakartas from different parties get into a fight, alleging each other of misusing law. 

3:02 PM IST

Youth wing of Congress protests

The Mumbai youth wing of Congress is holding a protest outside the hotel in which the rebel MLAs are staying 

1:49 PM IST

Opposition leader BS Yeddyurappa says Siddaramaiah’s whip doesn’t hold any validity

Giving more strength to rebel MLAs’ move of staying away from House proceedings, the whip issued by Siddaramaiah, the CLP leader, would not have any value 

12:32 PM IST

Mukul Rohatgi, counsel for rebel MLAs, advises them to stay away from proceedings in the assembly

With motion to be put to vote this evening, Mukul Rohatgi has asked the rebel MLAs not to participate in the proceedings 

12:25 PM IST

Coalition government nearing its end?

With Abhishek Singhvi, the counsel for Speaker Ramesh Kumar declaring before the court that motion would be put to vote this evening, it is almost certain that coalition government would end as, it does not have the requisite numbers now. 

12:19 PM IST

SC adjourns hearing of case on Karnataka political crisis to Wednesday

As Abhishek Singhvi informed the court that the Speaker would put the motion to vote by this evening, CJI Ranjan Gogoi expressed confidence that it would take place as promised. So the hearing was postponed to Wednesday. 
Earlier, Abhishek said that there was no need for SC to interfere when the House was in session. In relation to governor issuing messages, Abhishek said when a House is functioning, a governor cannot interfere. 

12:08 PM IST

Abhishek, counsel for Speaker Ramesh, says motion will be put to vote this evening

Putting an end to all speculations, Abhishek, counsel for Speaker Ramesh, says motion will be put to vote this evening 

12:06 PM IST

Supreme court takes up hearing on cases related to Karnataka political crisis

Counsel Mukul Rohatgi for rebel MLAs asks SC to issue order to CM HDK to take up vote test by evening while Abhishek, counsel for Speaker Ramesh says Speaker has done nothing wrong. 

11:51 AM IST

Congress leader UT Khader requests BJP not to give any positions to rebel MLAs

On the floor of the house, Congress leader UT Khader has made an open request to BJP not to accommodate any of the rebel MLAs and give them any responsibilities 

10:56 AM IST

Counsels for rebel MLAs arrive to meet Speaker Ramesh

In relation to the notice issued by the Speaker Ramesh to the rebel MLAs, their counsels have arrived at the Vidhana Soudha 

10:53 AM IST

Karnataka assembly discusses demonetisation

On the day of vote of confidence, Karnataka assembly discusses demonetisation and its effects on the society 

10:08 AM IST

Speaker Ramesh Kumar arrives but no trace of Congress MLAs

As the clock struck 10, Speaker Ramesh Kumar and BJP MLAs promptly walked into the session hall, but Congress and JD(S) MLAs are yet to walk into the hall. 

9:44 AM IST

Congress MLAs upset with CM HD Kumaraswamy?

Reports are trickling in that Congress MLAs are unhappy with Kumaraswamy not resigning. They feel that the image of the party has been dented due to the repeated adjournments. They are questioning Siddaramaiah as to how will HD Kumaraswamy prove his majority when there are no numbers? 

9:41 AM IST

Lawyers of rebel MLAs to appear before Speaker Ramesh Kumar?

There are reports that the rebel MLAs have deputed their lawyers to appear before Speaker Ramesh Kumar for hearing. The Speaker had issued a notice to the rebels to appear before him by 11 am today. 

9:26 AM IST

Karnataka Congress unit not interested in continuing coalition government?

Reports suggest that the Karnataka Congress is not interested in continuing the coalition government. But that being the case, it is not yet clear as to why the Congress is pushing things in the house. Reports also suggest that CLP leader Siddaramaiah had asked the chief minister HD Kumarasamy to put in his papers on Monday (July 23) itself. 

9:21 AM IST

Rebel MLAs' unverified reply to Speaker's notice doing the rounds

An unverified letter, containing a reply to the Speaker's notice by the rebel MLAs camping at a hotel in Mumbai is making rounds. It states that the MLAs need 4 weeks' time to appear before the Speaker. 

9:17 AM IST

Karnataka assembly session to begin at 10 am

As per Speaker's directions, Karnataka assembly session will begin at 10 am. The Speaker has issued a deadline of 6 pm for the CM HD Kumaraswamy to prove his majority 

7:22 AM IST

CM HD Kumaraswamy seeks trust vote

CM HD Kumaraswamy seeks trust vote 

Kumaraswamy loses trust vote