People who dream big and work hard on it always succeed. Satish Kumar Patra has always been a visionary and wanted to flourish in his work-life. In 2014, he decided to be an entrepreneur and started B21 Salon. At that time, start-up culture was not even that big in India. But Satish was confident in himself and his venture. Well, all of it worked out, and today, the salon is one of the best in the country.

Satish started B 21 Salon in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. His salon's services are haircare treatment, tattoo, piercing, making and beauty, skincare services, Pedi-mani, nail art, and more. He has a skilled, professional and creative staff who are polite, helpful and guide their customers when there's confusion. Time and again, Satish Kumar Patra provides exciting discounts and offers to keep his loyal customers happy.

B 21 Salon has a Facebook page with more than 55k thousand people followers. They often share their wonderful experience and praise the hair treatments and tattoo services at Satish's salon. People share how the salon provides an international level of care and ambience to people. The salon team has shared their motto on their Fb page and wrote, "B21 Salon is known for its high-end services. We follow strict and stringent health guidelines and inspections, making sure that the customers are provided with the best quality of their work."

In the past 7 years, Satish Kumar Patra has seen great growth in this B 21 Salon. The journey of running the business has been a bumpy ride. But he never gave up, and today, he runs 2 branches in Bhubaneshwar. He hopes to start more new branches in other cities of Orissa and eventually in different parts of the country.

Coming to achievements, in 2018, Bipasha Basu awarded Satish Kumar Patra's B 21 with the Best Salon Award. In 2019, Kunal Kapoor honoured B 21 & Satish with the Best Salon award at the Times Business Award.