Mumbai: Twitterati and fans of Shah Rukh Khan have been up in arms against filmmaker Karan Johar for his alleged retweet dissing his old friend and veteran actor Shah Rukh Khan. 

It all started when KJo retweeted a post talking about how the half day collections of Akshay Kumar starrer Kesari are significantly better than Zero's despite releasing close to Holi. The post further pitted the two stars addressing Khan as 'Gayrukh', a rather bad homophobic pun, we say. 

Incensed Shah Rukh Khan fans took over Twitter after this and started posting condemning messages for Karan Johar using this hashtag #ShameonKaranJohar. 

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Johar has since deleted the retweet but nothing really gets deleted on the Internet, here's a screenshot of the same. 

Now, the filmmaker has responded to the massive trolling insinuating that he is facing some technical issues. Do you believe him? He wrote: Strange things are going on!from uploading shoe picture and gibberish to liking tweets I haven’t even read and would NEVER even acknowledge! Please bear with me and I apologise for any inconvenience! Sorting it out asap!


However, Khan's fans are not buying the filmmaker's almost-apology and are continuing to refer to him as a 'snake' for not being a good friend to his longtime collaborator and almost-bestie, Shah Rukh Khan.

We had advocated that it seems that Karan Johar was on a spree retweeting Kesari-related posts and this could be just a harmless mistake. But, it was quite a glaring one considering he is one of the more famous advocates for LGBTQ rights and even has a book to his credit regarding the same issue, An Unsuitable Boy.

The whole episode is reminding us of when reality star Kim Kardashian levelled the same 'snake' allegations against Taylor Swift. What say, do you think Karan Johar can get rid of the 'snake' tag?