Republic of Rap that was released by music news portal saw several rappers come together to belt out inspiring words in seven different languages. Indigo Music decided to take things up a notch, celebrating India for the different colours that it offers.

Indigo Music brought together the “Republic of Rap” to give viewers a taste of just how diverse India is; 7 voices, 1 country.

Displaying unity in the video, the rappers take to stage one by one, justifying their turn in the spotlight as they bring their A-game to the floor.

The rap scene in India has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity over the years and the rappers in this video show us why.

The country is an amalgamation of cultures, ideologies, creators and languages and on January 26, Indigo Music celebrated the unique and vibrant republic with an equally unique form of art.

Rhythmic flow of words by each of the artists; Harish Panchjanya (Kannada), Swat (Malayalam), Luthor (Nepali), King Sinister (Tamil), Tintin (English), Nex (Deccani Urdu) and Loud Silence (Hindi) complement each other well. The change that every artist seems to bring is within the purview of what the track wants to achieve.

No, this is not the regular rap battle where there is infighting, and one puts down the other. It is a platform where everyone has their own identity and battles for the Republic together.

The whole track is a little piece of magic with these artists rolling out verses in their regional languages, talking about unique elements of their culture and their perspectives.

Culture is retained, positivity maintained and all the while without losing composure, thanks to the constant backing track that just remains what it is and does not seek to throw itself out in front of the rappers and overshadow them.

Viewers have taken a liking to this track that stays close to the heels of reality that seems to resonate with the people of this great land.

Perhaps, these are some of the reasons why this track has done well on multiple platforms. Or you can decide why you like this so much after you watch the video.

The video was shot at Indigo XP Koramangala, Bengaluru.

The folks at say that this is just a sign of bigger things to come.