Bollywood’s Rekha is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her time. Till date she has been rocking the red carpet and filmy parties dressed up in traditional Kanjeevaram saree with gold ornaments. 

She has seen many things in her life - from changing her look to charting her successful career along with failed marriages and controversial affair with Amitabh Bachchan, etc. 

Rekha has seen everything and yet stands tall. In an old interview, Rekha had spoken about her personal, professional and spiritual sides. Today, we will tell you what she spoke about her spiritual side because we all are well aware of her other sides.


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She had revealed that her prayers are not about aartis and the fragrance of agarbattis or any other “superficial part”. Here is what she said, "I talk to Lord Shiva all the time. Because my prayers are not about aartis and the fragrance of agarbattis and dhoop. That's the superficial part. There are lots of meditative practices, deep reflection and the awakening of creative energy. Energy that goes into my garden, my singing, the cushions that I place in my car, everything I do." 

Rekha added, "My life is one big prayer because my life is one big blessing. For me, joy is eating home-cooked payasam in a bowl that I have cleaned and polished myself. Yes, I find it therapeutic to clean my vessels and polish them. I like to water my plants and clean all the artefacts in my house. Do you know, I can actually clean and service an air-conditioner?" 

No wonder, Rekha always stood apart from the other actresses.