It's always a tough one when someone asks you why you got married so early! But not for SRK, who can tackle every question shot at him with style. After taking on a poop question from an Instagram user, he made thousands of fans go aww with his mushy take on being asked why he got married so early.

"Bhai love aur luck kabhi aa jaathe hain. So both came early with Gauri," he replied during the social media Q&A session.

Now those set serious relationship goals when it comes to appreciation of the spouse. Perhaps that is the reason holding them steady and strong 27 years into the marriage!

Shah Rukh Khan met Gauri in 1984 when she was just 18 and he had not made a name in the movie industry. It was love at first sight for Shah Rukh when he saw Gauri, who was dancing with another man.
When he came to know that Gauri was dancing with her brother, he asked her to consider him also to be her brother and proposed her for the dance. This impressed Gauri and they started talking. Soon, their relationship intensified and Shah Rukh is reported to have grown possessive about her. This made Gauri leave Shah Rukh secretly and go to Mumbai. Later, however, Cupid won and they both realised that they couldn't stay away from each other. But the couple had to wait for seven years before getting the consent of the respective families and finally tied the knot  on 25 October, 1991.