Talking about how she revealed the adoption news to her daughters, she elucidated it through a game.

She started a game with her daughter by saying, "We played opposites, tall and short.”

After that, she said "adopted and biological".

Then after this game, her daughter Renee asked: "I'm adopted?"

To this, Sushmita Sen said, “Biological is boring, you're special, you're born from the heart.”

Afterwards, Sushmita Sen also disclosed that she wanted her daughters to know about their birth parents once they turn 18. So when her daughter Renee was 16, she explained to her that she could go to the court and look at the names of her biological parents in an envelope.  She didn't want to break her heart by stopping her not to go to the court.

Then Renee said to Sushmita Sen, "Why you want me to go and find out?"

To this, Sushmita replied, “I'm not saying go and find out, I'm saying you have the right to know about your parents.” 


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But a confident Renee replied she doesn’t want to find out.

 Sushmita Sen daughters have accepted Sushmita's boyfriend, Rohman Shawl as part of their family. They usually are seen on family get-togethers and dinner dates.