The star of Bollywood during the 90s, Manisha Koirala, once claimed in an interview that her boyfriend Rajeev Mulchandani had dumped Aishwarya Rai for her. However, in an interview with Showtime Magazine, which was held in December 1999, Aishwarya opened up about the whole issue and had thrashed Manisha for her 'false' claims.

What happened exactly: 
In 1994, a leading magazine published a very controversial report saying Rajeev Mulchandani dumped Aishwarya for Manisha. As soon as the article came out in public, Aishwarya called up Rajeev for a clarification. She later gave an interview where she cleared the air, by saying, "Rajeev was a very good friend of mine nothing beyond that. I told him I didn't want to get roped into their love story. After two months, they weren't seeing each other. Manisha was seeing a different guy every second month." 

Aishwarya also slammed Manisha for her false allegations, "I couldn't believe it! It came as a very rude shock to me. I mean, if this article was authentic, why didn't this piece of info come out in July '94? If that was the reason for her split with Rajeev in a couple of months, then why brood on it for nine whole months and then come out in the open?"

The actress went on saying that she was hurt, "This Manisha episode affected me a lot in the beginning. I cried like crazy. I was hurt miserably with all that was happening around. After saying so much, she kept saying that she had been misquoted. After that split she had innumerable affairs according to the media, so why didn't anybody ask her why she hadn't come out with the information the previous year itself?"

This episode started an infamous catfight amount these female actresses. Back then, Aishwarya kept taking digs at Manisha saying, "However, I'm beyond this nonsense. She criticised even her seniors like Rekha and Sridevi, so who's Aishwarya Rai? Her conduct only reflects her poor personality."

On the other hand, Aish always wished her happiness and success, "You won't believe this, but I feel no bitterness or resentment towards Manisha. I hope she finds happiness soon. That sense of stability may make her feel more secure and calm her down in life." Ouch...